About Delia Renee 

Delia Renee is a Philadelphia-based photographer with a sweet spirit and a lot of creativity. Delia's clients love working with her because she creates a comfortable environment to be vulnerable, silly, adventurous, have fun and capture a good time.

Personal Message: I love photography and my role in your special occasions because I get to slow down and enjoy the details. All of the small things you did, the little special displays of love and the occasional stolen glances are my favorite part of my job. When the day ends and you finally get to put your feet up, I want you to rest assured that I (YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER) memorialized your event and captured every little thing for you to go back and relive time and time again. I've always enjoyed the beauty in the details and as your photographer I will give you the very best images that will be talked about for years to come.

Fun fact: I take the WORST selfies sometimes. Click here to see some of my worst selfies and a few of my favorite things to do..

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