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Photo Booth Details

Photo booth rentals come with the following:

  • Attendant who will remain with the booth throughout the party/event

  • Prints (two prints per session with our free standing booth and unlimited prints with our inflatable booth)

  • Props are provided (generic props are provided and hosts have the option to add theme specific props as well)

  • Text/Email sharing of every photo booth session

  • The host will receive an online gallery showcasing all photo booth activities from the event/party

popcorn station details

Popcorn station rentals come with two options - self service or full service. With self service stations we deliver the equipment up to 45 minutes before the rental period begins and we provide you with written instructions as well as a brief tutorial to ensure safe operation of equipment. We also deliver enough ingredients to serve guests based on the number of hours the equipment is rented. We will arrive within 15-30 minutes of your event ending to pick up equipment.

Full service stations include an attendant who will arrive 30 minutes prior to your party and they will setup and operate the station for the duration of your rental period. Your attendant will setup the ingredients, serve guests, maintain the popcorn station and provide wet wipes for your guests after they enjoy their treats.

Are multi-day rentals available?

Multi -day rentals ARE available. Please see our services and prices to compare hourly and daily rental rates. We are happy to provide feedback about which option may be best for your situation. Email us for advice on your specific event.

if i bundle services will i save money?

YES! We are happy to provide a 15% discount on your total bill when you book 2 or more rentals (Photo booth, cotton candy, popcorn or bounce house rentals). We also offer 1.5 hours of complimentary photography for any event where 3 or more rentals are booked with us.

can i pay in installments?

YES! We offer all services with payment plan options. A deposit of 50% is due to hold your date ALL rentals. The remaining balance is due prior to the event start date based on your specific contract and needs.

cotton candy station details

Cotton Candy station rentals come with a cotton candy machine as well as ingredients to serve guests for the rental period specified in your contract. We provide written instructions as well as a tutorial upon delivery of the equipment to ensure safe operation of the cotton candy machine. We also offer a full service option which includes an attendant who will operate the cotton candy station for you.

can i add an attendant to my cotton candy station rental?

YES! The cotton candy station, as well as the popcorn station, have a full service option which includes an attendant who will serve your guests, keep the station tidy and ensure that everything runs smoothly with your rental throughout your rental period.

what type of deposit is required?

To reserve any rental a deposit is required of 50% of your total balance. The remaining balance is due prior to your rental delivery.

can i purchase your equipment?

No. Our equipment is not for sale at this time.