Terms & Policies


Booking POLICy:

All appointments require a deposit of 50% to be reserved and take the date/time off of our calendar for other clients. Until a deposit has been received, there is no guarantee that your desired date/time is reserved. Delia Renee Photography will communicate with clients in the event that additional inquiries are received for your desired date prior to a deposit being received. 


Cancellations require immediate notice and will be subject to the terms of your contract. Events that are rescheduled will have any balance paid applied toward their new date. Cancelled portrait sessions require a minimum of 48 hours notice out of respect for our time and to afford other clients the option of booking during those hours.

Personal information/information collection:

All personal information collected for the use of a contract agreement between the client and company are used solely for the purpose of maintaining accurate records of clients, events and incidents involving the company. Under no circumstances will the company provide your personal information to any third parties without the clients written (email is sufficient) authorization. 

The exception to this is (of course) for legal purposes with proper legal documentation requesting such information, signed by a judge or other legal entity entitled to make such a request.